#YQRCX: 1621 Club

Making connections is important to any business. Salespeople construct deals over highballs in swanky lounges. CEOs build strategic partnerships during rounds of golf at the country club. Business owners work with trainers because they know that taking care of their health will enhance the drive to grow their business.

These used to be separate things. Until now.

1621 Club offers an experience that is completely unique in Regina. Its story began in 2016, as business owner Scott Love and his trainer Tanner White first talked about bringing something new to the city. It’s not a gym, it’s a club; a semi-private health, social and athletic club. Their mission is to elevate your life, your style and your goals, and they’ve created a very compelling package to do it.

In terms of the fitness component, there are two basic models for gyms in Regina. The first charges members anywhere from $10-$40 per month for access to equipment and members are left to their own devices in terms of programming and proper form. The second is group fitness providers, which charge significantly more to place you in large, often overcrowded, “booty blast” or spin classes. 1621 Club is neither of these.

The experience at 1621 is both more holistic and more customized. Imagine showing up for your semi-private, small-group session with a trainer. The concierge meets you out front and parks your car valet-style, while you head in to your private locker to find your workout gear freshly washed for you since your last workout. During your session, your trainer adjusts the day’s program to suit your personalized goals, and afterwards she brings you a chilled eucalyptus towel while you lay panting on the floor. You then head downstairs where the staff already has your favourite smoothie waiting, and it’s off to the sauna to melt the hard work away. You head back to work only to return after for a social event in the lounge in which you secure two new sales calls for the following week.

Sound too good to be true? It’s not.

Here’s what’s included in the base membership at 1621 Club:

  • refrigerated eucalyptus towels
  • gym clothing wash/dry/fold
  • concierge service
  • fitness evaluation
  • men's and women's saunas
  • complimentary hygiene products 
  • putting green access
  • educational seminars
  • towel service
  • infused water
  • fresh fruit
  • coffee
  • semi-private goal oriented training 
  • full service bar with light snacks
  • club specific networking opportunities
  • member exclusive social events
The Club has helped to create an amazing like-minded community of people who are driven to bring out the best in their personal lives and their careers.
— Whitney Lupastin, Director of Club Operations

If the fitness aspect isn't for you, no sweat. Rest assured there are members that have never stepped foot in the training area. There are members that solely use the club for business and networking purposes. Others use it solely to improve their golf game; in particular, access to the top-end Trackman golf simulator. Golf is a major part of the offering at 1621, and their Titleist certified staff help not only with your swing but also with golf-specific fitness programming to improve your game. This and other features are included in 1621's premier services:

  • PGA of Canada golf instruction 
  • golf simulator rental
  • TPI golf performance training
  • Remedial Massage Therapy
  • Personal training
  • Health coaching
  • Sport specific training
  • Small group sport performance training

Now, all of this comes with a price tag, of course. Memberships range from $129 to $870 per month. And that’s what makes it a great customer experience. According to The Experience Economy by Joseph Pine & James Gilmore, “Experiences are a fourth economic offering [after commodities, goods and services], as distinct from services as services are from goods…Whereas goods are fungible, goods are tangible, services intangible, experiences are memorable.” The requirement to evolve from a service to an experience is to create new value that warrants additional spending on the part of the customer. 1621 Club has achieved this by building a level of prestige and customization that is not found anywhere else in the market.

And customers see this value. A quarter of the way into their first year, the club is already nearing 25% of their total membership target and the partners and staff really appreciate the intimate relationship they have with their members. “The Club has helped to create an amazing like-minded community of people who are driven to bring out the best in their personal lives and their careers.”

Learn more about this amazing community by contacting Tanner and the team at info@1621club.com.