#YQRCX: Hooplife Basketball Academy

“Some people want it to happen, some wish it would happen, others make it happen.”

So said Michael Jordan. There is a blend of confidence and conviction that is required to achieve things in life, and sports have been found to increase self-esteem and self-confidence in children. However, while it is well-accepted that participation in sports is great for kids physically, many of the soccer leagues, swimming classes and tennis camps provide little beyond paid recreational activity sessions.

Hooplife Basketball Academy offers a different experience.

Hooplife’s camps combine the expected basketball fundamentals, physical athleticism and basketball IQ with an X-factor: mindset development. They go beyond recreation by training all basketball students in their proprietary “Success System”, a personal development program that gives students the knowledge & confidence to achieve their goals, whether that be on or off the court.

Andrew Gottselig, founder and owner, says the personal development is the core of the Hooplife experience. “The purpose of Hooplife is to unlock the potential of every athlete that comes through our door. Sure they become better basketball players, but if they don’t learn life skills, what’s the point?” He takes this very seriously, and has designed the experience that sets the stage for maximizing personal growth.

Hopplife’s main focus is on-the-court development, but they know that hard work doesn’t end in the gym. They are currently developing an app to extend their experience to all would-be king of the court. It features 1200 drills, complemented by tutorial videos featuring pro and college basketball players. It’s an essential tool for anyone to improve their game, but the real magic happens in the gym.

At Hooplife, they refer to the gym as a “sanctuary”. Unlike most recreational activities, participants are only allowed to bring two things into the gym: a basketball and a water bottle. Jackets, phones, backpacks, etc. are left in a secure area outside. There is upbeat music playing and visual cues are plastered around the walls, including motivational quotes on leadership principles. Furthermore, kids that arrive early for the next session are not allowed in the gym until the previous group has left. There are no distractions, and the last 10 minutes are intentionally set aside to focus on self-leadership.

The purpose of Hooplife is to unlock the potential of every athlete that comes through our door.
— Andrew Gottselig, Founder

Hooplife’s Success System is grounded in the teachings of thought leaders like John Maxwell, Dale Carnegie and Sun Tzu. The leadership and self-mastery ideals are organized into player binders delivered at every camp, and include topics such as becoming confident, believing in yourself, the winners mindset and how to be a leader. It’s something that all of Hooplife’s eight coaches fully believe in. “The most important aspect to me is mentoring the next generation of leaders and helping all athletes to be successful,” says Director of Player Development, Zakkery Tamlin.

They reference a boy that started the program with little confidence, scoring 5-6 points per game. Now he’s scoring 20 points or more and “nothing can phase him.” Another showed similar results on the court, but more importantly “he speaks more clearly and confidently.” In their 2011 book, The Experience Economy, Joseph Pine II and James Gilmore talk about how the top offering of the economic pyramid is a transformation, even above experiences. “A transformation is what the out-of-shape person, the emotionally troubled person, the young managers, the hospital patient and the struggling company all really desire.”

Hooplife is not just delivering basketball skills; it is delivering transformations.

For more information on Hooplife, visit https://hooplifebasketball.com/.