#YQRCX: Sport Clips Regina

Guys, where would you rather be? Sitting in front of a TV watching sports, or sitting in a salon having someone do your hair? Most would answer the former, but why not do both at the same time? 

The Sport Clips concept was born in the early ‘90s in Austin, Texas, when US Air Force veteran Gordon Logan wanted to create an environment where guys could get a haircut and feel like “This is my kind of place.” They’ve created just that: a guy-centric, intentionally-designed experience that is unlike any other in the haircare industry. And that’s what makes Sport Clips special from a customer experience perspective. They don’t treat the experience as something that happens while getting a haircut; the experience itself IS the product.


You can get a haircut anywhere. Fancy salons feature avant-garde interiors, hipster stylists and booking weeks in advance; too fancy for most guys. Low-cost chains offer quick service but little in the way of creature comforts; fine if you’re on a budget but not if you want to take care of you. Sport Clips offers comfort, entertainment and value with a carefully-designed and managed environment that is reminiscent of Disney’s approach to guest experiences.

“We’re not a haircut place,” says Regina & Saskatoon Team Leader, Brent Parker. “This is not customer service. It’s a total experience.” And he’s right. Just as Disney takes excessive care to create memorable “moments of truth”, Sport Clips has a 32-point playbook for making guys feel pampered. Each of these 32 points is a moment of truth, like the fact that when you sit in the chair the stylist angles you towards the big-screen TV playing sports 24/7, rather than having you stare into a mirror watching your own hair get cut. This playbook is strictly managed, with very high standards for quality. Corporate specialists visit each store quarterly to ensure the standards are maintained.


Another aspect of the experience is the extra value it creates, and Sport Clips customers are willing to pay more for the extra comfort. After watching last night’s highlights in the arena-themed styling centre, you can pay a few extra dollars to get the MVP Experience. It includes sitting back in a massaging recliner with a hot towel on your face while your hair gets washed. That’s followed by a scalp and jaw massage, then a trip back to the styling chair for a shoulder massage. Still not enough comfort? Add ANOTHER few bucks and get a cold towel on the face to close up your pores. Did I mention sports is playing 24/7? It’s a spa treatment MADE for guys.

We’re not a haircut place. This is not customer service. It’s a total experience.
— Brent Parker, Team Leader

Parker likes to quote Graham Tutton, Comcast’s VP Customer Journey & Analytics, “[Customer] service happens when the experience breaks.” Disney knows it, and so does Sport Clips.

To try out the MVP for yourself, visit one of the following Regina Locations:



Sport Clips Grasslands
4617 Gordon Rd
Beside Lowe's, next to The Rider Store
(306) 522-3313

Sport Clips East Quance
3435 Quance St - #200
(306) 522-3372